ReuSol in Guatemala!

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February was ReuSol’s first annual outreach trip. We were able to take the money earned from our U.S. workshops and travel to Guatemala to teach the same workshops at no cost them. Our first workshop was hosted in the rural town of Comalapa in the Guatemalan state of Chimaltenango at the Long Way Home school. A school that was very influential in the establishment of ReuSol. Our second, week-long workshop was in Guatemala’s capital, Guatemala City at the Hope School. Despite the stark contrast in scenery, the children in both schools were extremely eager and excited to learn.


In the classes, kids learned about dangers of bacteria in their drinking water. We taught them how to test their water and were able to see the differences of drinking water that come from different sources. Our next project was to pasteurize the water, we were able to see the differences in the water before and after pasteurization. The kids were very interested in the process, and we hope they will continue to use the method to keep their water clean.


We also taught these kids to build solar ovens using scrap materials that they had brought in or that were available to them at the school. Prior to our arrival, the students were tasked with collecting materials that would normally be thrown away.  After they got the materials, we showed them how to create their own solar oven.  Students learned how easy it is to make a solar oven and to cook with it. We were so excited to watch them create their own solar ovens using their own creative minds and ingenuity.

Thank you Long Way Home and Hope School for the work you are doing. Thank you so much to the staff at both schools to help these workshops run as smoothly as possible. Lastly, thank you for inviting ReuSol to teach these workshops!


We had a great time and can’t wait to come back!!

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