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Last week we had the opportunity to bring ReuSol to Life Academy in Newark. Life Academy is a KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) school, aligning our vision with theirs. KIPP Academy encourages a “culture of continuous learning”, exemplified by their commitment to a monthly Saturday school program and learning beyond the usual classroom activities. That’s where ReuSol came in.







On Saturday the 2nd, ReuSol hosted a workshop for 300 number of kids grades K-4. The children were given a scenario of getting stuck on a desert island, and were to complete four associated tasks. Each class of students rotated through the tasks. The four tasks were building a tower to call for help, building a launcher to keep themselves occupied on the island, building a boat to get to safety, and creating an art project to spark their imagination. Each one of these fun activities was to be completed with the use of recycled materials.





By giving the kids, the scenario of finding the “trash” on the desert island, we designed a creative challenge. It’s really amazing just how versatile these tasks are. The younger kids were able to work on their motor skills, while the older children improved their problem solving. No matter what the age group, everyone was having fun!








The most special part of the day was watching the kids work alongside their parents. KIPP Academy’s Saturday schools invited the parents to coming and spend quality time with their kids. The kids having fun and learning with their parents was truly special and a heartwarming experience.







We were so happy to have worked with staff of Life Academy and their very creative students.





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