What We Focus On

Sustainability & Reuse


Teaching students to make something so useful and important out of what seems like trash allows children to look at the world in a new light. Recycling, reusing and re-purposing projects encourages them to explore the possibilities of creating sustainable solutions on their own.

Hands-on Problem Solving


When kids build with their own hands it’s an exceptionally rewarding experience for them, different from any other kind of education. It not only provides exercise for part of the mind usually neglected in classroom education, but also builds motor skills, confidence and rewards determination.

Design & Experimentation


Designing and problem solving are important parts of our everyday lives.  By engaging students in these activities at a young age, we give them a head start in life.  Experimenting is crucial to creating success in life. By experimenting in these workshops students learn that it’s OK to fail, and to learn from their experiences for the next time

Creativity & Exploration


Giving students minimal instruction and a variety of building materials allows their imagination to run wild. Their first product might not be extremely successful, but the freedom allows them to see for themselves how they can make it better. The confidence gained can show a student, who may be having trouble in other subjects, that they are actually a great learner.



One of the most important skills in life is the ability to collaborate, work productively with others, and make a unique contribution. We intentionally keep groups small so kids will work together to figure out how they can solve the problem. This builds a host of social and problem-solving skills.

Critical Feedback


Remaining open to constructive feedback and maintaining flexibility is vital in growth and improvement. Learning to receive this feedback and in-turn give feedback in a positive way will teach a child how to produce results. During our classes each group presents their projects and explains why they chose to do things a certain way.  This method improves presentation skills and teaches kids how to express their opinions in a structured fashion.

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