About Us

Our Mission

To engage kids in hands-on education as a way to build motor, problem solving, and social skills; Instilling curiosity, self confidence, and a sense of social responsibility

ReuSol’s passion is based on 3 things

Making Education Fun


Remember when you had that crazy teacher who made learning fun? Our programs follow that lead. They’re interactive and built around creativity. We focus on hands-on problem solving activities to keep everyone engaged and having fun. We are sure you’ll agree, that’s by far the best way to learn anything!

Instilling Sustainability


We educate and empower students by teaching them how to build solar projects (cookers and water distillers) out of neglected items and trash. Being resourceful is a great quality, and instilling an ideology of reusing and recycling within students at an early age empowers them to facilitate change. After our workshops students are prepared and eager to explore the possibilities of creating sustainable solutions on their own.

Making a Difference


We believe we were put on this planet to make a difference, and that is exactly what we do in the United States and all around the world. We gain satisfaction from knowing that whatever path in life your child chooses, we’ve given them important tools to make positive changes.

Our Philosophy


We believe in helping others through teaching hands-on problem solving. We also believe in making education fun and interactive. At ReuSol we educate and empower students by showing them how to build solar cookers and water distillers out of neglected items and trash. By instilling this ideology of reuse and recycle within students at an early age, we empower them to facilitate change on their own

Our History


We started ReuSol out of a love for sustainability, education, and making things. Dan first fell in love with solar cooking when he was hired to design a bag that doubles as a solar cooker. Always passionate about helping people, Dan volunteered at Long Way Home, a Non-Profit Organization, building a school in Guatemala out of discarded and sustainable materials. After traveling throughout Latin America and seeing first-hand how people live and the abundance of trash on the side of the road, Dan decided to draw from those first-hand experiences and marry his passions together.

  • Dan Sussman Creative Educational Officer

    Graduating from Syracuse University as an Industrial Designer, Dan has always been a hands-on thinker and problem solver. Dan loves to helping others and working with kids, which is probably because he is still a kid at heart.

  • Matt Smith Scientist, building extraordinaire

    Matt is always busy, whether it is his full time job as a scientist, or running long races. When he does have free time he either is fixing something or hanging out with his girlfriend or occasionally bowling

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP